The Pokemon Fan

We all know someone who is a massive Pokemon fan. Here are some gifts that they will love…

Pokemon Cards

Most Pokemon Fans will collect the Pokemon Cards. Help them to build their decks by buying them a new Pokemon Card set.

Pokemon Card Carry Case

If your Pokemon fan has been collecting cards for a while they may have quite a few cards. So why not get them a Pokemon carry case so that they can show off their Pokemon deck in style?

Pokemon Games

Another great gift would be Pokemon games. These are available on the Nintendo platforms and would make a great gaming gift for any fan.

Night Wear

Everybody loves night wear. It’s comfy, relaxing and it doesn’t need to be stylish. This means that you can get them those Pokemon PJ’s, Dressing Gown, Slippers or Onesie and they will love it!

Pokemon Glass

Is your Pokemon fan also a bit of a drinker? Then how about a Pokemon Glass?

You could even pair this gift with a bottle of their favourite alcoholic beverage. 

Pokemon Bedding

Pokemon bedding is another great gift idea. What better say to send your little one to bed than with their favourite Pokemon?

Pokemon Mug

This is another easy gift for a Pokemon fan. You can get loads of different Pokemon mugs

And if you wanted to add a little something extra to the gift, you could always buy them some hot chocolate, marshmallows, and chocolate to go with it for a proper night in treat!

Pokemon Colouring

Adult (and kids) colouring has become incredibly popular over the last few years. So why not get that Pokemon fan a Pokemon colouring book

You could even pad out the gift a bit with some new colouring pencils or pencil case.


Clothing is another easy gift idea (as long as you know there size). Whether it’s a T-Shirt or a Hoodie; there are some really cool designs out there!

Pokemon Encyclopaedia

Test their knowledge or allow them to learn more with a Pokemon Encyclopaedia.

Pokemon Bag

Another gift idea would be a Pokemon bag. How else are they going to carry all their Pokemon cards and games with them?

Where’s Pikachu?

Because who wants to search for Walle anymore?
A good gift to pass the time!

Pokemon Diamond Painting

Diamond paintings involve sticking coloured diamonds onto relevant colour-coded squares so that at the end a beautiful picture is created.

If you have a friend that’s into colouring or crafts, a Pokemon diamond painting may be a fun alternative.

Pokemon Board Games

Board games are great for all the family. If they love Pokemon why not get them a Pokemon board game?

Phone Case

Another really easy gift to give someone would be a Pokemon phone case.

These can be found easily online through eBay or Amazon.

Pokemon AirPod Case

This one relies on them having air pods (or a cheaper alternative), but I found this Pikachu air pod case cover on Amazon.
Perfect idea for a Pokemon fan!

Pokemon Socks

Funny isn’t it how when your younger socks are a boring gift, but then you get older and suddenly a pair of socks is handy and exciting. So you think they would appreciate some new socks, why not get them some Pokemon socks.

Pokemon Nano Lego

Do they like Pokemon & Lego? Then why not combine the two and get them some Pokemon Nano Lego.

Be aware though, as the name suggests, the pieces are nano (very small); so they will need to have an eye for detail!

Pokemon Jewellery

Pokemon Jewellery is another option for a great gift. You can choose from bracelets, necklaces or earrings.

Pop Figure

Another one for the collector (or a toy for the kids).

Whether you leave them in the box or use it as a toy, these make a great addition to any Pokemon fans collection.

Available from £10 upwards at most toy stores or online at or Amazon.

Pokemon Cufflinks

A great gift for a Pokemon fan would be Pokemon cufflinks. This is especially a good gift if your gift is part of asking them to be involved in a special occasion.

Pokemon Puzzle

Some people love puzzles. This means that for the right person a Pokemon Puzzle could make a great gift.

Pokemon Plush

Does your Pokemon fan have a favourite Pokemon?

Then it’s time to get them a Pokemon Plush. Super cuddly and great as a toy or collectable, a Pokemon plush will make a great gift!

Pokemon Films

A great gift idea for Pokemon fans is the Pokemon Films. Most recently the film Detective Pikachu has come out, and therefore this would make a fantastic gift for someone loves Pokemon.