The Lego Master

Do you have a friend or family member that loves lego? Then here are some gift ideas…

Lego Sets

Shockingly, if someone loves Lego, then the best gift to get them would be Lego sets.

You can get a whole range, from a whole range of scenes, films and characters. So checkout the lego store NOW.

Lego Mug

This mug is another easy gift for a Lego fan.

Plus, if you wanted to add a little something extra to the gift, you could always buy them some hot chocolate, marshmallows, and chocolate to go with it for a proper night in treat.


Clothing is another easy gift idea (as long as you know there size). Whether it’s a T-Shirt or a Hoodie; there are some cool Lego designs out there!

Lego Storage

If you have a lego fan, chances are they have a LOT of it. Therefore, what better gift could you give than a lego storage head?

Plus, if you get more than one, they stack – just like real Lego!

Lego Ideas Book

If you have a Lego fan, chances are they have built a lot of sets. However, the joy of Lego is that you can build almost anything! So why not get them a Lego Ideas book to inspire their own creativity?

Please note – for some reason the pictures are in Spanish, but be assured I have purchased this myself as a gift and the book is written in English.

Technic Lego

The purpose Technic Lego is to build advanced models using a different building style than brick-based Lego sets.

Technic sets use specialised pieces, sometimes including motors and pneumatic elements, to create much more functionality than you can get with regular bricks.  

What better gift could you get a Lego fan than advanced Lego?!

Lego Movie Maker

An amazing gift idea would be this Lego Movie Maker. Create your own mini scenes and then bring it to life using the mobile app.

The Lego Movie

Another gift you could give is The Lego Movie.

You could also pair with the Lego Movie Maker. What better pairing to inspire creativity?

Lego Games

A great gift for a gamer would be Lego games. These are available on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo platforms and come in a range of games from Star Wars to Marvel to Harry Potter – so if you Lego fan has another obsession you could combine the two!

Lego Play Mat

Chances are if you have someone that loves Lego they may accidentally leave some pieces on the floor.

So how about buying a Lego mat to keep all the pieces in one place for an easy clear up.

Lego Frame

Another gift you can get is the Lego Frame. If you got this and a nice picture together – this would make a nice gift for a loved one on an occasion such as Fathers Day.

Lego Board Games

Board games are great for all the family. If they love Lego why not get them a Lego board game?

Lego Display Frame

Another great gift would be the Lego Display Frame. If they love Lego, what better way to show off there collection than a display frame?

Lego Jewellery

Lego Jewellery is another option for a great gift. You can buy it online or you could try some DIY and try making it yourself!

Silicone Sticky Baseplate

A silicone sticky base-plate is another idea. This allows the user to stick the base-plate to a surface to allow for building anywhere!

You could also use this yourself, creating a DIY Lego tray for portable use!

DIY Lego Frame

This is an extra special gift. The DIY lego frame can be used to create a personalised gift they will love!

This can made using a box frame, wooden letters and some personalised Lego characters! For some inspiration on frames you can create, checkout Pinterest.

Lego Keyring

You can get a variety of key rings, from characters to Lego pieces; so if you looking for a really cheap gift, this one is a no brainer.
This Lego heart key ring would also make a really sweet valentines day gift.

Lego Nano Figures

Lego comes in a variety of forms, from regular Lego building blocks, to Technic Lego to the Nano Figures

This is another great gift. As the name explains, this is a ‘nano’ set of Lego which allows you to create your favourite characters!

Lego Cufflinks

Lego Cufflinks is another great idea. This would especially make a great idea if the gift was for an occasion, such as asking them to be the best man at your wedding or a part of some other fancy occasion.

Lego Backpack

A Lego backpack is another gift idea. Not only does it let them show off their hobby, it’s useful. This would make a great first day at school gift.

Lego Bedding

Lego bedding is another great gift idea. What better say to send your little one to bed than with their favourite Lego characters?

Legoland Windsor

Legoland – the ultimate trip for anyone who loves Lego! So if you don’t mind paying a bit more for your gift, why not take them for a day out / weekend away to Legoland?

You can also normally get some discount on tickets at Groupon.