The Disney Fan

We all know someone who is a massive Disney fan. Here are some gifts that they will love…

Night Wear

Everyone loves PJ’s, so why not incorporate their love or Disney with their love or Pj’s?

You can normally pick up Disney dressing gowns, PJs and slippers from any clothing store such as Primark… or you can shop online.

Disney Onesie!

Looking along the same lines as sleep wear… how awesome are onesies? Get your Disney one now!

Disney Puzzles

I have a friend who loves Disney and always makes various Disney puzzles, which she then frames and hangs on her walls… so for the right person puzzles can make a really great gift.

AirPod Case Cover

This one relies on them having air pods (or a cheaper alternative), but I found these Stitch headphone case covers on Amazon! Perfect idea for a Disney fan!

These are also available in a number of characters including Winnie the Pooh!

Disney Figurines

Another idea for a Disney collector would be Disney Figurines. They vary in price, but what a cute addition to a collection they would be!

Disney Diamond Painting

These come in a variety of pictures including cats, unicorns, sunsets… and guess what… Disney!

These can come in a variety of Prices but I found some Disney ones on Amazon for around the £30 price range.

Pandora Charms

How cute are these Disney Pandora charms? You can get a whole range of Disney ones, from the original Mickey and Minnie characters to the Toy Story Aliens.

Pick yours up at the Pandora shop OR there is a link to some cute ones on Amazon HERE!

Pop Figures

Another one for the collector (or a toy for the kids)!

Whether you leave them in the box or use it as a toy, these make a great addition to any Disney fans collection.

Available from £10 upwards at most toy stores or online at or Amazon.

Disney Wine Glass

Another great idea for a Disney fan is a Disney wine glass (18+). Available in many forms, you can get Disney princesses, Disney Quotes or various other Characters.

Available online through shops like Etsy, eBay or Amazon.

Disney Candles

Another gift idea could be Disney candles.

Available in a range of forms, they’ll be a gift they’ll love!

Disney Colouring

Adult (and kids) colouring has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Why not get them a new Disney colouring book to fill their spare time?

Disney Cross Stitch

Does your Disney fan love crafts? How about a Disney cross stitch? I found this Disney Princess one on Amazon.

Enchanted Rose

Another great gift for a Disney collector would be the enchanted rose.

Available online for around £15-£20.

Disney Socks

Funny isn’t it how when your younger socks are a boring gift, but then you get older and suddenly a pair of socks is handy and exciting. So if you think they’ll appreciate some new ones, why not get them some Disney socks.

Disney Board Games

Board games are great for all the family. If they love Disney why not get them a Disney board game?

Disney games you could get include; Play that Tune, Disney Trivial Pursuit, Disney Colour Brain or Cards against Disney.

Disney Mug

I think a mug is something everyone gives as a gift at some point… so if they love Disney a ‘chip’ mug is an easy gift idea.

Disney Phone Case

Another Disney gift you could get, is a Disney phone case. Available online, there is a huge choice to pick from!

Disney Jewellery

Jewellery is a great gift to give to anyone. So if you can combine it with their Disney obsession you have the perfect gift.

These cute Disney earrings were found on Amazon, but I’m sure you could a whole range of Disney earrings, necklaces and rings at stores such as Claire’s or Primark.

Disney Lego

Even if you wasn’t to buy the Disney castle (costing a few hundred quid), most Lego sets range from about £20 upwards. However, if they like Lego and they like Disney, this is a gift they will appreciate!

Disney Plus Subscription

I don’t think they do Disney Plus Gift Cards yet, so for now this may have to be a gift for someone you live with, but if you don’t mind paying an annual subscription (around £60) then this is a great gift idea.

Sign up HERE!

Theatre Tickets (Disney)

Another fantastic gift you could give would be theatre tickets. This would be an expensive gift but it would certainly be a gift to remember!

Couple of very popular Disney shows include;The Lion King OR Disney on Ice!

Disney Passport Cover

Do you have a friend that travels a lot and loves Disney? How about a Disney passport cover? These are available in a range of designs, and you can get matching baggage tags too.

Plus, if you know they are travelling somewhere very soon, you could pair this gift with some spending money in the currency of the destination they are travelling too!

Nintendo Games

Another great gift would be Disney games. Available on Nintendo Switch, games can start from around £20 and would be a gift they will love!

Disney Movies

Perhaps an obvious gift choice, but I bet your Disney fan would love it if you bought them a new Disney movie.

Plus, as there is always new ones coming out, you have an endless supply of gift ideas for the future too!

Novelty Egg Cup

Another fun gift for a Disney fan would be this novelty egg cup, spoon and toast cutter. What better way to start your day than with a breakfast that’s out of this world?

Disney Travel Mug

A Disney travel mug is another easy gift for any fan.

You could pair this with a selection of their favourite teas or coffees (and maybe some biscuits) so that they are road trip ready!

Disney Chopping Board

Every kitchen needs a chopping board. So why not get your Disney fan a Disney themed chopping board?

Disney Wine Stopper

Is your Disney fan a wine drinker? Then how about this Mickey Mouse wine stopper?


Disney cufflinks are another great idea. This would especially make a great idea if the gift was for a special occasion.

Key Cover

A simple cheap gift for any Disney fan would be a Disney key cover.

This would be a thoughtful and cool ‘first home’ gift.