Sports Enthusiast

Are you look for the perfect gift for someone who loves sport? Here are some ideas…

Sports Tickets

A great gift option for any sports fan would be sports tickets to see their favourite team. Tickets normally available through the teams official website.

Stadium Tours

Has they ever visited the stadium of there favourite team before? How about seen behind the scenes in the trophy room and changing rooms? 

You can normally get stadium tour tickets online via the official team website, and they can start anywhere from £20 upwards!

Sports Kit

Every sports fan likes to show off their team right? Whether that’s a football kit, basketball jersey or a baseball hat – it’s another gift they will love.

Available through the clubs official website or most local sports shops.

Night Wear

Everybody loves night wear. It’s comfy, relaxing and it doesn’t need to be stylish. So get them some PJ’s or a dressing gown to show off their favourite sports team.


This is another easy gift for a sports fan… and if you wanted to add a little something extra to the gift, you could always buy them some of their favourite coffee or tea selection, and some biscuits for a special night in treat.

Sports Equipment

Do they love exercise? Then how about a gift that will come in handy?

That could be sports wear, a phone holder or a water bottle.

AirPod Case Cover

Airpod Case Covers are another great gift idea. Of course this requires them to have AirPods (or a cheaper alternative) in the first place.

Phone Case

A phone case to show off their favourite sports team is another great gift.

Available online or at local sports shops.

Sports Books

Fun facts on their favourite sports team or an autobiography from their favourite sportsmen… the choice is yours…

Sports Clothing

Clothing is another easy gift idea (as long as you know there size). Whether it’s a T-Shirt or a Hoodie; this is a great casual way to show off their favourite team.

Available through the clubs official website, most local sports shops on online at Amazon.

Sports Games

Another great gift would be Sports games. These are available on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo platforms and would make a great gaming gift for any fan.


Sports bedding is another great gift idea. What better say to send them off to bed than with their favourite sports or team.

Found this one on Amazon.

Sports Bag

A great gift for any fitness fan would be a new sports bag. What else are they going to carry their sports equipment in?

You could pair this gift with a new water bottle or sports clothing.

Sports Water Bottle

Another easy gift would be a sports water bottle!

Wash Stuff

If they are into sport no doubt they also play sport. This means that some sports body wash and deodorant will come in handy – the perfect simple gift idea.

Car Air Freshener

A car air freshener is another super easy, cheap gift. You can get almost any team, any sport. A thoughtful little gift can go a long way…

Colouring Book

Adult (and kids) colouring has become incredibly popular over the last few years. So why not get that Sports fan a sports colouring book

You could even pad out the gift a bit with some new colouring pencils or a pencil case.


A great gift option would be a FitBit, Garmin or any other fitness watch. Some of them can cost a bit, but they are worth it for a decent watch, and they will love it.


Cufflinks are another great idea. This would especially make a great idea if the gift was for an occasion, such as asking them to be the best man at your wedding or a part of some other fancy occasion.

Games Table

Another fantastic gift idea would be a games table. This is a fun gift idea that’ll prove to be a winner!

Sports Trivia

Another good gift idea is a sports trivia game. Test how much they know (or think they know) with this fun gift.

Beer Glass

Lets face it, not every sports fan enjoys actually taking part. So if you’ve got a fan that likes a bit of a drink, how about a beer glass to show their favourite team.

You could also pair this gift with a bottle (or two) of their favourite beer.

Isotonic Gels

Many sports enthusiasts, such as marathon runners, use gels to get through their races. Therefore, if you know a sports enthusiast that uses them, why not get some as a gift idea?


I know a man from EVERY age group that plays with Lego. So how about some sports Lego?

You can get Lego in the shape of a ball or even stadiums.

Garden Gnome

Is your Sports fan also a bit of a gardener? Then how about one of these garden gnomes?

Available in a number of teams on Amazon.