Gifts for a Party Animal

Are you look for the perfect gift for someone who loves to party? Here are some ideas…

Beer (or any alcohol)

An obvious gift for most party animals is beer… or any form of alcohol.

Whether its a selection of their favourite beer, wine or a bottle of Malt Whiskey; their favourite beverage is a gift winner!

Whisky Decanter

A great gift idea for any whisky drinker is a Whisky Decanter.

Available in a variety of shapes, the globe is personally one of my favourites, and would make a great gift idea.

Gin Infusing Kit

Great gift for any gin drinker!

Cocktail Making Kit

Any party animal is going to love cocktails, so why not get them a cocktail making kit so they can make their own!

Drinking Games

Every good party starts with drinking games, and with such a wide range to chose from including shot roulette, drinking Jenga or King of the cup to name a few, why not get them a new drinking game?

Personalised Wine Glass

Another simple gift would be a personalised wine glass.

Pair with a bottle of her favourite wine and she will love it

Shimmer Gin

Kind of already covered this gift idea under ‘alcohol,’ however if your recipient loves gin, then this shimmer dream chaser gin is a fantastic gift idea!

Beer Making Kit

A beer making kit is a great idea for anyone who drinks beer. I mean, what better gift than brewing your own?

Beer Belt

Bit of a novelty gift, but if you know someone who likes to show-off how much they are drinking (or just don’t like to share) then a beer belt is a fantastic fun gift.

Scratch Off Beer Poster

Another gift idea is this scratch off beer poster. Every time they try and new beer, they scratch it off the poster.

You could also pair this gift with some different local and international beers for them to try.

Automatic Bottle Opener

No more struggling to get off that bottle cap with this automatic bottle opener. An essential for any party!

Bluetooth Speaker

Music is essential for any party, so why not get them a brand new Bluetooth speaker?

Party Light

Turn your party into a real disco with this party light. Available at most gadget stores such as MenKind or on Amazon.

Optic Stand

Another fantastic gift for any party animal would be their very own optic stand.

These can vary in price starting at less than £10 for a single plastic stand to around the £20+ for a 4-optic stand.

Wine Stopper

Is your recipient a wine drinker? Then how about a novelty wine stopper?

Donut Maker, etc.

Another great gift idea for any baker is a donut maker, chocolate fountain or candy floss machine!

These aren’t as expensive as you would think and make a great addition to any kitchen… especially if they like to host!

Slush Machine

A slush machine is another great gift. Fun and great for parties, this gift will go down a treat!

Whisky Glass and Stones

Is the recipient a Whisky drinker? Then what better to keep the drink cool than some whisky stones and a nice new set of glasses?

Portable Wine Glass

One for the road (not literally)… A portable wine glass is another fun gift idea for a wine drinker.

Cocktail Books

A book of cocktails is another great present for anyone who likes to party. They can find their favourites or try something new!

Vineyard Tour & Wine Tasting

Does the recipient love wine? Then how about a day out touring a vineyard and wine tasting?