Are you look for the perfect gift for someone who loves a little pampering? Here are some ideas…

Spa Day

It’s time to treat them to some relaxation time by getting them a nice Spa Day. 

You can find some fantastic gift vouchers for spa days stays on either Groupon or

Bath Time Goodies

Every girl needs some time alone to relax. So how about the perfect relaxation gift?

You can either buy pre-made sets like from or you can DIY and make your own perfect set (choose the scents and items) from online or at your local store.


As much as us girls love makeup, running out of it and having to buy more is the worst! Therefore, if your stuck for gift ideas, some new makeup would be amazing (just make sure you know what brand/type she wears!)

Nail Dryer

A great gift idea is a nail dryer.

You could pair this with some new nail varnish for the perfect gift set

Hair Products

A great gift idea is some new hair straighteners or curlers. These can be expensive for some brands like GHD, but so worth the money. If you don’t want to splash out, there are plenty of cheaper brands.

Massage Pillow

A great idea for anyone who enjoys a little relaxation and pampering would be a massage pillow.

Massage Oils

Massage oils are another great inexpensive gift for anyone who enjoys a little relaxation.

Dressing Gown

A new dressing gown is another amazing gift idea. Who wouldn’t love a new fluffy dressing gown to lounge about in?

Bath Loofah

Another easy gift idea would be a bath loofah.

This is inexpensive but paired with some bubble bath and bath bombs this would make a great gift.

Hand Creams

Hand creams are another inexpensive gift.

Pair with other body moisturisers for the perfect gift.

Pillow Sprays

Are they having difficulty sleeping? Then how about help them getting a good nights sleep with a pillow spray?

Head Massager

A Head Massager is another easy cheap gift.

Trust me, any girl would appreciate this after a long day of having her hair up!

Yankee Candles

Yankee Candles are by far the best candles you could buy, and you’d only want to give the best right?

You can buy these through the Yankee Candle website, or they are also available through online stores such as Amazon.

FYI – you can also buy really cool Yankee Candle holders or lampshades.


Who doesn’t want to smell nice? And with so many fragrances out there, you have a lot of choices for gift ideas.

Anti Wrinkle Cream

Another easy gift for any ageing women or man would be anti-wrinkle cream.

Clay Face Masks

How about a proper spa evening with some face masks?

You could pair this with practically anything else (wine, candles, bubble bath) to make the perfect gift pair.

Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt lamps are beautiful decorate lamps which are believed to have known health benefits. Why not treat them to one?

Lip Balms

Another easy gift idea would be flavoured gift balms.

Foot Massager

A great idea for anyone who enjoys a little relaxation and pampering would be a foot massage.