Gifts for Him

Looking for the perfect gift for him? Here are some gift ideas that he will love…


An obvious gift for most men is alcohol. Whether its a selection of their favourite beer or a bottle of Malt Whiskey; their favourite beverage is a gift winner!


Clothing is another easy gift idea (as long as you know there size). Whether it’s a T-Shirt or a Hoodie; select from their favourite clothing brand and you’ve got a gift they’ll love.


Shoes are another gift winner. Most men love shoes, whether that’s Trainers or Converse or some Timberland’s – get them a new pair of shoes and they’ll love you for it!


Most men love gaming. Therefore a brand new console is a gift that they’ll love you for.

A good place to get something like this would be You can do buy now pay later and pay it off in instalments.

Console Games

If you can’t afford a new console, another great but cheaper alternative would be console games. Whether its an Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo; there is a whole range of console games for you to choose from.

Sports Tickets

A great gift option would be sports tickets to see their favourite team.

Plus, if it’s something you both enjoy then its a great day out for you both.

Sports Kit

Every sports fan likes to show off their team right? Whether that’s a football kit, basketball jersey or a baseball hat – it’s another gift he will love.

Stadium Tours

Has he ever visited the stadium of his favourite team before? How about behind the scenes in the trophy room and changing rooms?

You can normally get stadium tour tickets online via the team website, and they can start anywhere from £20 upwards!


A great gift idea for any whisky drinker is a Whisky Decanter.

Available in a variety of shapes, the globe is personally one of my favourites, and would make a great gift idea.

Beer Glass

A beer glass is another great gift. You could even personalise it with a special message to show how much you love him.

Apple Products

A good, but more expensive idea would be Apple products. It could be that iPhone, iPad or AirPods that he has always wanted.

You can also get cheaper alternative of Apple products, such as the AirPods; which you can get a cheaper alternative for about £20!

AirPod Covers

AirPod Case Covers are another great gift idea. Of course this requires them to have AirPods (or a cheaper alternative) in the first place.

There are a range of AirPod case covers, from Marvel to Sports ones. The choice is entirely yours!


A great gift idea would be a SmartBox from Costing around £50 the SmartBox allows him to pick from over 1000 experiences from a 3-Course Meal, to Quad Biking, to driving a Ferrari. A fantastic gift he will love!!!

Comedian Tickets

Has he got a favourite comedian? Then how about visit Ticketmaster and get him tickets for an event he will never forget!

This isn’t as expensive as you might first think!

Artist Tickets

Has he got a favourite Artist? Then how about visit Ticketmaster and get him tickets for a singing event he will never forget!

Night Wear

Everybody loves night wear. It’s comfy, relaxing and it doesn’t need to be stylish. This means that you can get them either PJ’s, a dressing gown or slippers and they will love it!

Drinking Games

If your man is still in their prime and enjoys a little bit of partying, then drinking games are a winner.

Pair with a bottle of their favourite beverage for the perfect gift.

Scratch Off Beer Poster

Another gift idea is this scratch off beer poster. Every time they try and new beer, they scratch it off the poster.

You could also pair this gift with some different local and international beers for them to try.

BBQ Toolbox

This BBQ Toolbox is a great gift idea for a man who likes the outside. Whether thats camping, fishing or just a good old BBQ by the lake, this BBQ Toolbox will make the perfect gift!

Beard Grooming Kit

Does he have a beard? Then chances are he also likes to take good care of it. Help him keep it styled with a beard grooming kit.

Retro Games Console

Adult gamer? Let him re-live his childhood with this plug in and go retro gaming console.

Gaming Equipment

Is he a gamer? Then I can guarantee he will appreciate any gaming present.

You could get him a gaming headset, keyboard or mouse and he’ll love it.

Board/Card Games

Board and Card games are great for all the family. So why not get them a brand new board or card game?

Adult games you could get include; Cards against Humanity, Trivial Pursuit or What do you meme?

Pop Figures

Is he a collector? Pop Figures are a fantastic gift for any collector. Whether they love sports, Marvel characters or music, there is a Pop Figure range for every category.


Get a Drone for that big kid of yours! Hours of fun and they no longer have to cost an arm and a leg.

Drones can be found on stores like MenKind or Amazon.


Most Lego sets range from about £15 upwards. However, if they like Lego, this is a gift they will love!

Waffle Maker

Way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right? So why not get him this Waffle Maker to make his day, everyday!

Sports Equipment

Does he like to exercise? Then how about a gift that will come in handy?

This could be sports wear, a phone holder or a water bottle. I’m sure they’ll appreciate the thought.

Shopping Trip

If you really can’t think of a gift for him; why not let him pick himself? This doesn’t have to be a boring trip up your local shopping centre. Stick some cash in an envelope for him and plan a day out in one of the big cities (such as London, Birmingham or Nottingham), for a whole days shopping. You could even book a hotel to finish the day!


Cologne is another great gift to get him. Whether you buy him a bottle of his favourite or get him something new to try; who doesn’t love to smell great?