Gifts for a Traveller

Are you look for the perfect gift for someone who loves to travel? Then you have come to the right place! Here are some ideas…

Passport Cover

If you want to get a thoughtful gift for someone who travels then a passport cover is an easy gift idea. You can get a range of passport covers, from simple ‘traveller’ ones to Disney, Marvel or Sports ones…

Travel Pillow

There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable when travelling. That’s why if your looking to get someone who travels a lot a gift, a travel pillow is a great option!

Personalised Towel

What better way to claim that sun-bed abroad than with a personalised towel. Perfect gift for any traveller!


If your looking to get someone a gift and you know they are going abroad soon then why not get them some currency for the destination they are travelling too? You could pair this with a passport cover for an extra thoughtful gift set.

Wash Bag

A handy gift for any traveller would be a wash bag. This will save them for any annoying liquid spillages on their travels.

Personalised Suitcase

Travel in style with a personalised suitcase. While this may be an expensive gift, they will never have that worried feeling of picking up the wrong suitcase again!

Travel Sickness Bands

Isn’t is horribly when your travelling and you start to feel sick? Stop them feeling that way again with some travel sick bands.

Water Bottle

Keep them hydrated on their trips with a nice new water bottle.

Power Bank

Isn’t it annoying when your travelling and your phone runs out of juice. That’s why this makes the perfect gift for any traveller.

Make sure they never run out of battery again with a power bank.

Pandora Charms

How nice are these travel Pandora charms? You can get a whole range from aeroplanes to the globe.

Pick yours up at the Pandora shop OR there is a link to some cute ones on Amazon HERE!

Traveller Keyring

Another traveller gift is these key rings. Personalised for every traveller you buy a new charm for each place visited. Buy yours now HERE!

Scratch Map

Give your travelling friend the chance to showoff where they have been with this scratch map.

They’ll soon be excited to book more holidays abroad so they can scratch off more countries!

GoPro Camera

Any traveller needs a GoPro Camera for their trip. This camera is suitable for any trip, whether they are climbing a mountain or underwater.

Plus, you can get the 50-piece accessory kit so they are ready whatever the adventure!


The worst part of travelling is definitely the journey… therefore an idea for someone who loves reading would be a Kindle (or similar tablet). What better gift for someone who loves reading than unlimited books at their fingertips to keep them entertained while they travel?