Gifts for a Gamer or Geek

Are you look for the perfect gift for someone who loves to game or is a bit of a geek? Here are some ideas…


Now an obvious yet expensive gift to get any gamer would be a brand new console. Just make sure you know whether they are on the Xbox or PlayStation side first.

Handheld Console

As above, a console is an expensive yet fantastic gift for any gamer. If they like to game while out and about then a handheld console like the Nintendo Switch is a great gift idea.

Gaming Equipment

If they are a gamer, whether that be a PC gamer, Xbox gamer or Nintendo Gamer; gaming equipment will be a gift they will love.

You could get them a gaming headset, keyboard or mouse and they’ll love it.

Console Games

If they love gaming and they already have a console, then why not get them a brand new game to play?

Games can start anywhere from £20 for a second hand game up to £50 for the newer more popular games.

Retro Gaming

Do they love the old school games like PacMan or Mario? Then how about a retro gaming device. These start around £15 upwards.

Gaming Chairs

If they love gaming then chances are they do a lot of it. A gaming chair is the perfect way to make sure they game in comfort and are worth the hefty price tag.

Raspberry Pi

A Raspberry Pi is a cheap miniature computer which you can programme. There is lots you can do with a Raspberry Pi; the possibilities are endless.

More information on what a Raspberry Pi is and what you do with it HERE.

Coding Books

If they are a bit of a geek, then they may enjoy learning new things such as coding. If that’s the case, why not help them by buying a new coding book.

Gaming Books

There are hundreds of gaming books available on the market. This could be either game specific books (such as books on Minecraft) or books such as the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition book. Why not peak their interest?

Docking Station

There is nothing more annoying than when your trying to game and your console runs out of battery. It’s even more annoying when you then don’t have replacement batteries… stop that from happening by gifting them a docking station so that the games never stop!


A new controller is a great gift idea. Whether that’s a replacement for an old one or a spare so that you can game together, it’s a gift any gamer will love.

SD Card

There is nothing worse than when you want to download a new game and there is not enough memory. Make sure this doesn’t happen again by gifting them an SD card.

Gaming Clothing

Clothing another easy gift idea (as long as you know there size). Whether it’s a T-Shirt or a Hoodie; there are some great gaming related designs.

Gaming Door Signs

Help create a proper ‘man cave’ with a gamer at work door sign. A novelty gift they will appreciate.

Gaming Merchandise

Gaming merchandise is another easy gift for any gamer. That could include gaming socks, a pillow or wall stickers.

Gaming Mug

A gaming mug is another fun gift for a gamer.

You could even pair this gift with some of their favourite tea/coffee selection and some cookies. They’ll need the caffeine for those late night gaming sessions after all.

Cable Guy

More merchandise but another easy gift for any geek would be a Cable guy. These are available in a range of characters.

VR Headset

Virtual Reality. A whole new world of gaming.

Nintendo Labo Kit

If they own a Nintendo Switch then I could not recommend a Nintendo Labo Kit enough (for any age).

If you haven’t seen these before and want more information, check out this YouTube clip.


Get a Drone for that big kid of yours! Hours of fun and they no longer have to cost an arm and a leg.

Drones can be found on stores like MenKind or Amazon.


Hoverboards may have an expensive price tag, but they would make a great gift and provide hours of fun to anyone!

3D Printers

3D printers are all the rave at the minute, and why wouldn’t they be when you can print and create almost anything?


Most Lego sets range from about £15 upwards. However, if they like Lego, this is a gift they will love!

Board Games

If they like online gaming, maybe they also like board games? Why not get them a new board or card game such as; code master, cards against humanity, what do you meme or chess?

YouTuber Merchandise

Does the recipient watch a lot of YouTube? Do they have a favourite channel? Well, a lot of YouTubers also have their own merchandise. An example would be TGFbro who bring out a hoodie drop every so often. Therefore, If you could get hold of one of the merchandise then almost guarantee they would love it!


Does your geek watch a lot of films or a certain series? Maybe they collect them?

If they do, this is a perfect gift opportunity.


Lots of people collect comics. Which makes this a great gift.

You can normally find Comic Books on places like eBay, and they can range from a couple pound up to couple hundred pounds.

AirPod Covers

AirPod Case Covers are another great gift idea. Of course this requires them to have AirPods (or a cheaper alternative) in the first place.

There are a range of AirPod case covers, from Marvel to Controller ones. The choice is entirely yours!

Pop Figures

One for the collector (or a toy for the kids). Whether you leave them in the box or use it as a toy, these make a great addition to any fans collection.

Available from £10 upwards at most toy stores or online at or Amazon.

War Hammer

Build, paint and play with War Hammer. A great board game for any geek to collect sets and enjoy.


Gaming cufflinks are another great idea. This would especially make a great idea if the gift was for a special occasion.