Gifts for Mum

If there is one person in your life that you’d wanna buy the perfect gift for, it would be your mum. She was there for you, taught you and watched you grow. So now it’s time to show your appreciation with the perfect gift…

Chocolate Bouquet

Everybody loves chocolate right? Then what better way to show your appreciation to your mum than with a chocolate bouquet?

Bit tight on money? How about a DIY job using a carboard flower box, some ribbon and your mum’s favourite chocolates from the local store!


Bath time Relaxation

Every mum needs some time alone to relax. So how about the perfect relaxation gift?

You can either buy pre-made sets like from or you can DIY and make your own perfect set (choose the scents and items) from online or at your local store.

Some ideas include; Bath bombs, Shower Gels, Bath Salts, Body Lotions, Face Masks, Pillow Spray, or Candles.

Yankee Candles

Yankee Candles are by far the best candles you could buy… and you’d only want the best for your mum, right?

You can buy these through the Yankee Candle website, or they are also available through online stores such as Amazon.

Yankee Candle Lampshade or Holder

As well as Yankee Candles, you can also buy Yankee Candle holders or lampshades.

Pair with a new Yankee candle for the perfect gift.

Weekend Away

If you’ve got a bit more to spend, then a weekend away is the perfect way to show your love. Whether it’s for you and your mum to spend some quality time together, or for your mum to get away with a friend or loved one, this gift will go down a treat.

You can find some fantastic gift vouchers for one and two night stays on

Spa Day

Mum’s work hard. Now it’s time to treat them to some relaxation time by getting them a nice Spa Day.

You can find some fantastic gift vouchers for spa days stays on either Groupon or

Alcohol & Chocolate

A very easy gift to give is alcohol and chocolate. I mean who wouldn’t love that?

Pick up a bottle of their favourite wine and some chocolate and you can’t go wrong!

Wine Stopper

A cheap easy gift is a wine stopper. You can get a fun variety of these from ‘mum’s medicine,’ to animals or flowers… and they make an easy gift if paired with a bottle of their favourite!


This is another easy gift for your Mum. A ‘worlds best mum’ mug will make her feel extra special!

If you wanted to add a little something extra to the gift, you could always buy her a selection of her favourite tea or coffee choices.

Designer Handbag

All mums carry handbags. Its like an extension of their arms. So if you want to get them a gift they will love, why not a brand new handbag?

Vase (and flowers)

Mum’s just love flowers! So if you want to get her a gift that will brighten her day, why not buy her a personalised vase and some of her favourite flowers?

Gin Infusing Kit

Is your mum a gin drinker? Then how about a bottle of gin and/or a gin infusing kit to make that drink a lot more fun!

Night Wear

Everybody loves night wear. It’s comfy, relaxing and it doesn’t need to be stylish. This means that you can get her those ‘Worlds best mum’ PJ’s, Dressing Gown and Slippers and she will love it!


Jewellery is another option for a great gift. You can choose from bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings – or buy the matching sets.

You could even get a personalised engraved ones for an extra special gift!


If your mum likes to read, then why not get her a new book (or box-set) to dive into? This could be anything from a novel to an autobiography.


Another idea for someone who loves reading would be a Kindle (or similar tablet). What better gift for someone who loves reading than unlimited books at their fingertips?


If your mum isn’t much into reading, how about the film box-sets? I bet she has a couple favourite movies she hasn’t seen in a long time, so why not buy her the DVDs?

Craft Kits

Has your mum got a hobby like knitting or sewing? Then how about indulge her and buy some new cotton, knitting needles or a little book of patterns and ideas?

Photo Coasters

Want to make the house feel more like a home? How about these photo coasters so she can add her favourite pictures of you?

Pandora Charms

How cute are these mum Pandora charms?

Pick yours up at the Pandora Shop OR there is a link to some nice ones on Amazon HERE!

Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt lamps are beautiful decorate lamps which are believed to have known health benefits. Why not treat your mum to one?


Sometimes the best gifts are the simple things. How about some new bedding to spruce up the bedroom? This is a great gift to pair with some new PJ’s or a new dressing grown.

Essential Oil Bracelet

This is an anxiety ease essential oil diffusing bracelet Jewellery for women. You can drop your favorite essential oil or perfume on it to calm emotions, relieve tension and stress in daily busy work, driving, sleeping, long-distance travel, overseas business trips. Also comes in other jewellery forms, such as a necklace.

Vineyard Tour & Wine Tasting

Does the recipient love wine? Then how about a day out touring a vineyard and wine tasting?