Gifts for Dad

For most of us, our Dad’s raise us, teach us right from wrong and support us when we need it. Now it’s time to show them how much they mean to us with a special gift….


Alcohol is a simple, easy gift idea that he will love. That could be a crate of beer, his favourite whiskey or some smooth ales.

If you also want a little something to go with it, how about a personalised beer/whiskey glass or some whiskey stones?

Cheese Board

Lets face it, who doesn’t love cheese? So why not buy your dad a new cheese board, along with a selection of cheeses and crackers. Yum!

Want something extra special? Why not personalise it? #worldsbestdad

Jams and Chutneys

Jams and Chutneys are another great cheap gift idea for a loved one. You may find that as dad’s get older, they want less. This is a great something to buy to let them know you care, that they will still enjoy.

Funky Socks!

Its funny isn’t it how when your younger socks are a really boring gift, but then you get older and socks are suddenly handy and exciting! So if you think your dad will appreciate some new ones, why not get him some funky socks?

You can pick some cool ones up online at, Amazon, or your local Primark.


A great gift idea for any whisky drinker is a Whisky Decanter.

Available in a variety of shapes, the globe is personally one of my favourites, and would make a great gift idea.

Beard Grooming Kit

Does your dad have a beard? Then chances are he also likes to take good care of it. Help him keep it styled with a beard grooming kit.

Stadium Tours

Has he ever visited the stadium of his favourite team before? How about behind the scenes in the trophy room and changing rooms? 

You can normally get stadium tour tickets online via the team website, and they can start anywhere from £20 upwards!

Sports Tickets

Another great gift option could be sports tickets to see their favourite team.

Plus, if it’s something you both enjoy then its a great day out for you both.

Sports Equipment

Does he love exercise? Then how about a gift that will come in handy?

This could be anything from sports wear, a phone holder or a water bottle.


Most Lego sets range from about £15 upwards. However, I know men from everyone age group that still enjoy playing with Lego, so if you get them a new Lego set, I am sure it’s something they will appreciate!


Another gift idea would be a SmartBox from

Costing around £50 the SmartBox allows him to pick from over 1000 experiences from a 3-Course Meal, to Quad Biking, to driving a Ferrari. A fantastic gift he will love!!!

Comedian Tickets

Has your Dad got a favourite comedian? Then how about visit Ticketmaster and get him tickets for an event he will never forget!

Scratch off Beer Poster

A gift idea is this scratch off beer poster. The idea is that every time they try a new beer, they scratch it off the poster.

You could pair this with some different local and international beers for the perfect gift.

BBQ Toolbox

This BBQ Toolbox is a great gift idea for a man who likes the outside. Whether thats camping, fishing or just a good old BBQ by the lake, this BBQ Toolbox will make the perfect gift!


This is another easy gift for your dad. A ‘Worlds Best Dad’ mug will make him proud.

And if you wanted to add a little something extra to the gift, you could always buy him a selection of his favourite tea or coffee choices.


Does your dad love to cook? Then how about make him a proper chef with a brand new apron?


Cufflinks is another great idea. This would especially make a great idea if the gift was for an occasion, such as asking them to walk you down the isle / be the best man at your wedding or a part of some other fancy occasion.

A Book

A great gift idea would be a book. This could be anything from an autobiography of their favourite sports player to a little book of dad jokes. The choice is yours!

Car Air Fresheners

A car air freshener is another super easy, cheap gift. You can get any shape from ‘number one dad’ to a rugby one. A little thought goes a long way…

iPad Tray

Another gift they’ll appreciate is this iPad tray. Make browsing easy while enjoying a nice cuppa in the morning!