Rabbit Tin Flower Pots

This cute craft that would be easy to make – Rabbit Tin Flowerpots.

For this you would need a tin, white spray paint, some white and pink felt, glue gun, googly eyes, some soil and some seeds.

All craft items can be purchased from hobby-craft, Amazon or other craft stores!

1. First, you would need to get your tin and remove any labels. Then you would need to spray paint the whole tin white.

2. Once the tin is dry, you would need to cut the white and pink felt into shapes for ears and feet (as per the picture).

3. Once the ears and feet are cut out you would need to glue these (preferably with a glue gun) onto the tin.

4. Add the Eyes to your tin.

5. Lastly, add soil and some seeds to the pots.

6. Water daily and wait for the seeds to grow.

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